About Us

Louisiana Roasting Company is a family-owned coffee roaster based in Shreveport, LA. We specialize in sourcing the highest quality beans we can find--always organic--and roasting them to perfection.

Because we roast to order, we provide our devoted followers with the freshest beans possible and can provide a high level of customization both at the wholesale and retail level. Many of our customers have specific preferences as to the roasting temperature or unique custom blends, which we are generally able to accommodate. As one of the few roasters in the country offering both air-roasted and traditionally-roasted coffee, we are uniquely positioned to view the pros and cons of each method objectively and experiment to find the optimal roasting profiles for each new lot we source.

We are the white label producers of choice for premium grocers and independent coffee shops throughout the US. We also sell direct-to-consumer under our own brand name through our web site.