"After drinking your coffee, I realized I had not been drinking REAL coffee! The flavor was so smooth with no artificial taste. I had ordered my favorite, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and I got samples of a Pecan flavor and Rhythm and Blues. OH MY! Now I have THREE favorites. Your coffees and teas are the best!"

Donna K.

"Great atomosphere, the owner Donna made us feel at home. Better than any other coffee spot in town"

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"Great coffee​ and service. Lots on the menu to choose from."

Andrea D.

"Love the owners and their coffee. Tried the rythme and blues, and I believe the other was called blend of the bayou. I was never much for coffee but due to these lovely flavors I am now a coffee drinker!! Hope you stay around for years to come!!!"

Mindy Mellinger

"I can't speak highly enough of the two delicious coffees that I ordered from you, tried and now savor daily; Magnolia Morning and Sumatran Mandheling Gayo Supreme. The Magnolia Morning is mellow and just the right grind for waking up and gettin' energized. The Sumatran is bolder and fuller with more of a kick. I enjoy and appreciate both. I hope I can swing by and say hello when I'm in Shreveport next week for the Red River Revel! Thanks for the delivery and the wonderful coffee!"

Todd C.

"Just brewed my first cup of the Pumpkin Pie Spice Coffee to accompany my chocolate chip pumpkin muffin. This is simply the most delicious cup of coffee I have ever tasted!"

Arlana J.