The Louisiana Roasting Company purchases and roasts only premium Organic and Fair Trade Certified Arabica beans. Our Organic coffee is produced under strict certification guidelines and is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or fertilizers. Fair Trade coffees are produced on small coffee farms and guarantee a fair price for the farmers.

These high quality single estate, or single origin, Organic and Fair Trade coffees are direct from origin, meaning they are imported direct from the country from which they are grown, and they are not blended with any other coffees.

Our gourmet coffee blends are handcrafted in such a way that each Organic and Fair Trade coffee contributes its own nuances to create a flavor filled blend. When you try a blend, you will get the flavors of the region they represent.

We start by taking our high quality Organic Fair Trade Colombian coffee and then infuse it with all natural and organic flavorings using a revolutionary new flavoring method that produces amazing flavor without bitterness or syrupy sweetness.

As gourmet coffee lovers, we can't imagine coffee without caffeine. However, for the coffee enthusiast who can't drink caffeine, we offer Swiss-Water Process decaffeinated coffee.


Are from the mountainous regions of Central America, South America, Central America, Africa and East Asia. There are a number of steps involved before guaranteeing that only the finest beans from these regions are used by our master roaster: picking, de-fruiting, sorting and aging. You can be assured we only use the best beans and that each roasting order is given the individual attention needed to produce a quality cup of coffee.

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