Premium Organic Coffee From 100% Organic Arabica Beans

The Louisiana Roasting Company roasts Organic and Fair Trade coffees. We are located in the northern portion of Louisiana known as the ArkLaTex. We expertly roast to order, that means we do not mass produce coffee but roast it in very small batches. This ensures the freshest coffee our customers can get. In addition, our coffees are 100% Arabica gourmet coffees, the finest coffee beans available. Exceedingly passionate and consistent with our super-premium line of gourmet coffees, we will settle for nothing short of perfection. For our customers, this guarantees a memorable gourmet coffee experience every time.

The Louisiana Roasting Company has expanded our offerings. The original True Blue line was created by True Blue Roasters out of West Virginia and was made available to the public in July 2006. They amassed quite a loyal following of dedicated customers. In March of 2009 True Blue was acquired by the Louisiana Roasting Company and Blue Bayou blends were developed.

Our coffees have been called the “best coffee in the world” by our customers. So go ahead, try one of our blends or sample each of them. Based out of Shreveport, LA and we ship across the country. Live in Bossier City, LA? We ship to you as well!

Our Mission

At The Louisiana Roasting Company, coffee perfection is our passion, but our mission is to hold true to our roots and to do our part in helping make the world a better place. We do this by only purchasing Organic and Fair Trade Certified coffee beans, which gives small-scale coffee farmers a fair price for their beans and chance at a better life for their families. We wouldn’t buy our coffee beans any other way.

For centuries people around the world have experienced the stimulating sensations of brewed coffee. Much about the coffee’s diverse character remains a mystery even today. A coffee contains up to 400 identifiable chemical compounds, all of which contribute to its flavor. At Louisiana Roasting Company we believe organic beans provide lower risks of ingesting synthetics or chemicals that are used in a “normal” coffee bean growing process. In addition, the coffee roasting process cannot remove these harmful synthetics or chemicals in fact, the chemical reaction when roasting coffee at high temperatures may actually increase the harmful effects. We believe, Organic Arabica Beans not only produces the finest cup of coffee but the safest one as well.